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Talented San Diego

Oct 25, 2018

From breweries to biotech and everything in between, San Diego is connecting and empowering people across the globe because doing work that matters is our way of life. Each week Talented San Diego brings to you the most talented professionals in our San Diego community in hopes their stories and journeys can help inspire yours in a profound way. Directly from the best and brightest who call San Diego home who will learn the stories that make San Diego, SAN DIEGO. On Episode 4 host Ted Stenger sits down with Phil Dana to discuss San Diego veteran transition programs, the San Diego life style, talent acquisition & total rewards, Bridgepoint & Ashford University and the limitless possibilities of San Diego. 
As a HR leader Phil Dana leverages his Irish DNA, unique up-bringing in Asia and the Pacific Northwest, military service as enlisted and an officer, and experience at various corporations to build teams, so that they may achieve elite performance. Phil is a builder - warships, homes, and teams.