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Talented San Diego

Feb 14, 2019

Your guest today has 30+ years of life’s leadership experiences including US Navy Submarine Officer, Interim CEO, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, and soccer coach. He is President of Lead With Purpose, a company that provides tools and best practices that help people lead more purposeful and inspiring lives.

He is also the author of Leading With Purpose, an award winning book that thousands of leaders have used to create their own engaged and empowered team that collectively drives success, solves problems, and manages change.


Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Stretched Too Thin?

Are You ‘Leading Your Day’ or is the ‘Urgent of the Day’ Leading You?

Today, we have unprecedented access to products, tools, and information that are supposed to make our lives better. So why are we still struggling to achieve more harmony and balance in our lives? We answer all of these questions today and more!