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Talented San Diego

Jan 10, 2019

From breweries to biotech and everything in between, San Diego is connecting and empowering people across the globe because doing work that matters is our way of life. Our guest today Alessandra Lezama is a true testament of this. Building technology companies is in Alessandra's DNA, as she has led transformational changes as CEO of three previous companies. Since joining Abacus in 2013, she has propelled the business from a $5 million on-prem legal case management software offering to the fully integrated technology suite it is today. Alessandra has driven the company through this transformative shift at an industry­-focused pace, taking advantage of the company's 30-plus years of experience and evolving its products into a mature, robust portfolio.

Thank you so much for tuning into this episode with Alessandra. And again, The purpose of this podcast is to introduce you to the professionals in San Diego that share a belief that business is more about service and community than we think. And the businesses that thrive here respect the culture of intimacy, purpose and doing work that matters. Thank you Alessandra for being a true testament to this and please take a moment to subscribe so you can hear from more talented leaders in San Diego. Enjoy the Episode!