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Talented San Diego

Dec 20, 2018

Our guest today Larry Kesslin is a  true testament of 'Doing Work that Matters'. As the Chief Connector at Corporate Alliance Larry has the opportunity to combine his love of business and desire to make a difference in the world.


In addition to helping businesses grow, Larry wants to help like-minded leaders connect more deeply with themselves, their employees, clients and their community which aligns so well to theme of this podcast which is brought to you by San Diego: Life. Changing. – a fresh approach to telling San Diego’s authentic story by telling real stories of the incredible people and companies that call it home. From breweries to biotech and everything in between, San Diego is connecting and empowering people across the globe because doing work that matters is our way of life.

The purpose of this podcast is to introduce to the professionals in San Diego that share a belief that business is more about service and community than we think. And the businesses that thrive here respect the culture of intimacy, purpose and doing work that matters. Thank you Andrew for being a true testament to this and please take a moment to subscribe so you can hear from more talented professionals in San Diego life Larry. If you’d like to nominate a leader in your organization feel free to message me on instagram or LinkedIn  @Ted Stenger


Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.