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Talented San Diego

Sep 24, 2018

I’m your host, Ted Stenger and episode 1 is about introducing myself and the mission and vision of the podcast. I’m a  recruiter turned podcast host and business owner. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to interview thousands of professionals; sales executives, department heads, IT and marketing executives so on and so forth, whom shared with me their unique stories, experiences and ambitions. I’ve started Podcasts at the companies I’ve worked for and now I’m starting my own to serve San Diego and the professionals who call this amazing place home. The mission is quite simple, to bring thought leaders to the forefront of our community by sharing their stories, journeys, and their own unique way of achieving success. The vision is to be a platform recognized across the globe for thought leaders to inspire their communities to progress. I envision a Talented Phoenix, A Talented Denver, a Talented Toronto etc. But this starts here with the mission of bringing the best and brightest in San Diego to you, directly. In the process we are going to continue to build community and inspire.